What We Do

Welcome To Tanattus Spa and Training School

We at Tanattus will always try to offer the best service for our furry clients. We have been in this business for a while, I have been trying to make our customers happy. I helped rehabilitate so many dogs, family dogs, stray dogs and dogs that were left at the door of my business, dogs that without the proper training would have been sacrificed. We have rehoused rehabilitated dogs with large families, families that I consider part of our family.

They are very important to us, help us to do it well. How can I do it well? Tell us what you would like for you to do and what you would not want. We will be more than happy to help, and any constructive criticism is welcome. Send us a text message or an email, I will respond promptly. Thank you

We Are Expert in
Professional Dog Training

. Anti - Poisoning

. Guard Dog Training

. Walking Dog

. Obedience and Behavior Training

. Potty Training

. K-9 Dog Service

. Pets Day Care 7am - 7pm